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There is Something more to you than your mere body, than your mere thoughts, than your mere personality. And when you become consciously aware of yourself as being this Something you will know no fear, you will experience the full enjoyment of all of your desires, you will feel the peace and contentment which comes from knowing that you are complete and bound by nothing. It is only when you are aware of your true identity that these things will come to you. This is your divine inheritance. To receive it is to see things as they truly are – unclouded and undisturbed by personal bents, biases and past traumas. To receive it is to live wholly in the eternal Now where past and future have no distinction apart from the present moment. To receive it is to know that you are great, beautiful, extraordinary and all other qualities of magnificence without the burden of needing a reason to substantiate these claims. To receive it is to be a natural at whatever you set your mind to. It is yo urs for the surrendering. It is your divine inheritance.

You are tremendously powerful. But, as Yogi Ramacharaka states in his work Raja Yoga, “You must understand what you are, before you are able to use the power that lies dormant within you. You must realize that you are the Master, before you can claim the powers of the Master, and expect to have your commands obeyed.” You must be cognizant of, understanding of, allowing of the Truth of the source of your power before you can exercise this power. And what exactly is this Truth?

The Truth is namely this:

Reality is singular. In Truth, there is only One Being who really exists. We sometimes refer to this Being as “God.” All other personalities, All other things, are mere figments of His imagination. 

God is a synonym for Life. We, as souls, owe our lives to God’s Being. We are, quite simply, because God Is. Who we are in Truth, in Spirit, is one unbounded and Absolute Being. In Spirit we are All one with God; in Spirit, we have no distinction apart from God. As Jesus notably testified, “I and the Father are One.” But he did not intend this testimony to contend that only he was entitled to this privilege because though we exalt him (in religion), Jesus never exalted himself. In truth, Jesus’ declarations about his own identity and his teachings about the consummate value of love were intended to illustrate to us the roots of our own divinity. Indeed All are one with the Father. We are Spirit and soul in tandem. And we as souls (as personalities) are literally thoughts of God. We, as souls, live and move and have our being within the Mind of God. God lives within All of His creations as their Inner Witness. Hence, we All share the same Inner Witness for Reality is One; “The Lord our God is ONE Lord.” In Spirit (which is that Inner Witness within each of us), we are indivisible. All is One for All is Life and Life is One. But many of us are unmindful of this Tru th, being instead so immersed, so involved with the roles we are playing in life to be cognizant of that part of us which is Life Itself. We have not awoken to our true identity, in Spirit. We have no appreciation for our divine inheritance which is union with God. We do not yet realize how powerful we really are. We are, instead, fearful, delusive and blinded by our own misapprehensions. We believe ourselves to be divided when in fact we are All indissolubly bonded. We believe ourselves to be beings of limitation when in fact we are One (single) Being who is without limit.

This site is dedicated to the concept of universal oneness (sometimes referred to as the philosophy of "nonduality" or "the law of one"). There are many different styles of presentation that promote the idea of nonduality, the work presented on this site is certainly not the first. It is merely adds an additional voice to the growing chorus singing the message that All is One.


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