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The Blessing of Change

By Evette Gardner
April 2010

Change is not always easy because change, by nature, is unpredictable. And it can at times feel scary not knowing the ďwhatís next?Ē Because what if whatís next is disastrous? What then? Why would anyone walk willingly into such a risk? You might find yourself thinking that itís better to hold onto where youíve been because at least this way you know what you can expect? Familiarity breeds a sense of security. The only problem is you canít stop change. Youíre only deluding yourself when you think you can. You can refuse to cooperate with change -- yes; you can struggle against it -- yes, but in the end change still happens. Thatís just how life is set up to play itself out. You only set yourself up to feel disheartened when you refuse to surrender to this natural flow. Your obstinacy towards change only makes your experience with change tumultuous and troublesome. And to add insult to your self inflicted injury, your choice to be inflexible does absolutely nothing to prevent change from happening. So what are your options? You can flow with change and allow it to carry you passed all kinds of scenes and conditions. Or you can try to anchor yourself, and resist this flow. But know that when you resist, the only thing you will succeed in accomplishing is getting battered by the tides of change. The tide will pound upon you until you are forced to release your stubborn grip on some remnant of the past. You could spare yourself a lot of anguish if you just let go voluntarily.

True, even when you choose to flow with change you will on occasion encounter conditions that are seemingly earth-shattering. But when you move with change, even in amid earth-shattering situations thereís reason to feel joy because you understand that even these situations are not guaranteed to last. Change is always promised. Itís like the weather in New England. If you donít like the scene thatís going on around you today -- just wait. Tomorrow holds the promise of something completely surprising. But you have to go through change willingly in order to come out of it joyfully. There has to be some level of acceptance of your present situation before you can realize peace about it.

You lost your job. Your marriage is going through a rough time. A loved one passes on. A tornado wrecks your houseÖ These things sometimes happen. How you choose to react in these transformative situations matters. Life uses these kinds of moments to move you to the places you need to be in order to fulfill a grand design. If you bring yourself to a state of acceptance about change, life will reward you with peace of mind, inner growth, and a rich experience.

Life is a reflection of Spirit. And inherent to Spirit is infiniteness Ė which is to say richness. The richness of Spirit is demonstrated in life through its diversity. The constant and perpetual transformation of things is part of what makes the range of the diversity we witness and experience in life seem so full and rich. Thatís why the richness of life is in the something more, the something new, the evolution of things. The richness of life is in the change. And when we struggle against this change we deny ourselves this richness. Wealth is not a material asset, not if the possession of material wealth makes you feel anxious about losing it; anxious about change swooping in and taking it all away. True wealth begins within and may be reflected in your experience through the attainment of material gains. But the loss of these gains, if wealth is real, will not rob you of a wealthy life experience. You will simply come to experience the quality of wealth in a different way.

Nothing in life is permanent. Everything is in a constant state of transition or transformation. Even your body right now as you sit and read these words is in a state of flux. Quantum physics has shown us that even the atoms which make up our physical universe are on the move. The chair you may be sitting on, the air youíre breathingÖ itís all in motion. Nothing in life stands still. Remind yourself of this every time you find yourself anxious about a change youíre going through or one you imagine could be on the horizon. This reminder will likely not be enough to take away the fear youíre experiencing pertaining to change, but it may be enough to ward off a full blown panic attack. The point is not necessarily to eliminate all your fears concerning change, but to pacify your urge to fight against it. All you have to do to conquer your fears of change is weather them. Your fears about change will go away on their own if you can just bring yourself to be brave enough to face them every time they arise.

So just donít fight it. Change will all, eventually, work out for good if you just surrender to it.

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© 2010 Evette Gardner

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