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Learn to interpret your dreams
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The mystical works of William Atkinson (pseudonym Yogi Ramacharaka)
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Ernest Holmes' book on healing mentally - based on the law of one philosphy
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James Allen's book on the meaning of spiritual oneness with God Download a free audio reading of the book...

The Law of One book series (Channeled material of Ra)
Read this series of books for free online� Rabindranath Tagore’s essays on Indian philosophy and culture as compared with Western thought and culture
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An author offering. As always I encourage you to read with both an open mind and self discernment.

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Reading Books as an Exercise in Spiritual Enlightenment
Life�s themes are universal. The wonderful thing about books is they allow you to experience these themes, we can all identify with, from a different vantage point than the one that is uniquely yours. And unlike while having a conversation, where we are attempting to communicate our unique point of view to another person, you don�t often get defensive about the correctness of your particular point of view while reading a book. When you are reading a book, you are not so focused on making your distinct perspective known, understood and accepted. You are actually more open to examining a single thought from different sides. You are not distracted (or prejudiced) by sense impressions. You are able to look passed appearances and deal more directly with feelings and ideas while reading a book. Reading is a meditative process because you instinctively go within yourself when you do it. This is why, in addition to the exercise of meditation, affirmations and so forth, reading is a fantastic way to stimulate spiritual enlightenment.

To be able to look through a point of view which is different from the one you are used to and arrive at a place where you are able to honor that point of view just as you honor your own, is a spiritually enlightening experience. All books give us a window into alternate viewpoints and by this fact alone all books serve as spiritual stimulants. But spiritual books in particular are more blatant about challenging your preconceptions. Spiritual books in particular are more purposeful in their aim to expand your point of view.

Have any inspired words (outside of traditional religious books) moved you to think about and perceive life in a more loving, productive and awakened state? Is the book available for free online? Recommend a link...

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