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The idea of universal oneness is by no means a concept exclusive to spiritual philosophy; its foundation extends to both the scientific and religious fields too. But when we reflect on the scientific theories taught to us in middle and high school, science oftentimes seems to contradict the notion of universal oneness. This is because for some time our western science had instead been more inclined to a “Newtonian-like” universal view, where the idea of an underlying indissoluble connectedness between everything to everything else put forth by some branches of religion and philosophy seemed out-of-touch with the observable evidence born out to the naked eye. But this apparent conflict between these three disciplines of study was actually an aberrant trend.

The concept of universal oneness actually has deep roots in many disciplines, including science. And the ancients, being more accepting of looking at one idea from multiple angles, were in fact more ahead of the game than we in this respect. They weren’t leery of blending branches of learning (for example, they were quite comfortable using metaphors to express scientific ideas); whereas we, for the most part, tend to view such ideological mixing as a pollutant to our understanding of Truth rather than a clarifier. But thanks, in large part, to the study of quantum mechanics, modern science is again becoming steadily more embracive of some of the wholistic understandings more readily accepted by their ancient counterparts. Approaching the mysteries of the universe from a wholistic viewpoint is actually not a novel idea in science. In fact, history reveals it to be the normal standard of approach. Yet for one reason or another we, for a few generations, had (on balance) been inclined to buck this trend. But no more. We are, in our current times, rapidly rediscovering our way back to the unified nature of life through science. The concept of universal oneness is an enduring idea (as All Truthful ideas are). And mankind, throughout his development, will continue to keep rediscovering this Truth until we (as a collective) become secure in our understanding of it.

Throughout the rest of this web site we have approached the idea of universal oneness from a philosophical vantage point. But here, in this section of the site, we will examine it from the vantage of scientific theory.


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